The Services

At Crehate Studios we offer the complete production experience. Full production, mixing and mastering as a whole production package or as separate services. The studio is residential meaning we’re offering a studio apartment for your stay. Based on your needs we create a custom solution for you. 

Recording & Production

Crehate Studios is ready for productions on the highest level. Majority comes here for full production but it’s possible to record certain parts as well. The studio features the greatest equipment and instruments. We have one of the best rooms for drum-recording in town, a decent variety of drums, snare drums, cymbals, guitar/bass cabs and amps.


We work through your entire record from start to finish. With song arrangements, building guitar tones, choose the right drum parts, vocal takes and overall soundscape — it means we are working on every aspect of the parts together.



The aha-moment! Here’s where you experience what mixing is doing to the actual sound. A very important step of the production. We’ll take your songs to the next level, providing them with the sound they deserve. (Playlist)


Interested in mixing only? No problem, just send an email.


The sweetening of the song! With the best technology, and know-how, we take your production one step further, to make sure it translates truly and clear trough all modern medias. We handle your material with a great situational awareness to give you superbity. 

No project is too big or too small. We welcome all types genres.

Rates calculated per project.