Crehate Studios

World class recording, mixing & mastering studio in Gothenburg, Sweden

The Studio

Founded by producer Oscar Nilsson in 2011, Crehate Studios has become a world class recording, mixing & mastering studio facility, identified with productions of highest quality for top artists and clients (See clients). The studio is based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Stocked with the finest gear, Crehate Studios is a haven where you can find inspiration, a good cup of coffee and a dedicated space for your next project. The studio is designed by Sweden’s most renowned acoustician Claes Olsson (Eora). The 180sq meter facility offers a perfect acoustic environment. The unique location allows for car and tour-bus free parking, and you will find that load in is easily made through a secure and spacious building.

The Services


A complete production on the highest level from start to finish. Get in touch to find the best solution for your needs.


We take your songs to a new level with the right know-how, providing them with the sound they deserve.


The final step of processing your mix, to make sure it translates truly and clear trough all modern medias.