Oscar Nilsson

Crehate Studios is founded by producer Oscar Nilsson, establish in 2011. The studio is based in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Oscar is a master of his craft, credits include world-wide acts within the rockgenre such as The Halo Effect, ENGEL, Mustasch, Crashdiet, Hank von hell (Hank von helvete), as well as many others (See clients). At Crehate Studios, he offers the highest sensational quality, from full productions to recording, mixing and mastering. A custom solution to give you the best experience and end result.


A Norrland native, Oscar has been playing drums professionally for over 10 years. His career has spanned from a touring drummer in well-known rockbands, mixing live sound “front of house”, to production managing and engineering top billboard-listed studio albums. 


As a working producer, Oscar has a passion for great audio. That passion can be seen every day, both inside and outside of the studio. Have a coffee with him, and you’ll understand. Bringing his impeccable skills and ideas to every aspect of the process. He is an expert in the details and oversees the execution of each sound from start to finish. Get in touch with Oscar!