Clients & Collaborations

Crehate Studios clients and collaboration partners include bands, musicians and artists such as The Halo Effect, ENGEL, Mustasch, Hank von Hell (Hank von Helvete), Mikkey Dee and Scorpions, Crashdiet, RED, among others. 


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"Recording at Crehate studios is an absolute treat. Incredible acoustics, top notch equipment and most importantly, it's an enviroment where creatity thrives. Oscar has a way of enhancing your ideas and pulling the best out of every single performance. Highly highly recommended!"
Mikael Stanne
The Halo Effect / Dark Tranquillity
"Top-notch studio (not too close to town) were we could record our new album without distractions and focus 100% on our work. Oscar is a brilliant and down to earth Engineer / Mixer who helped us achieve excellent results on time and in budget. We strongly recommend Crehate Studios!"
"Crehate studios is one of the top operations in Sweden today, being at the forefront of rock and metal productions!"
Thomas “Plec” Johansson
Panic Room Studios
"I did a recording at Crehate Studios with Oscar Nilsson, and I had a great time doing it. Oscar is truly awesome to work with, and as a drummer it always feels good to have a drummer track you, especially with a relaxed and professional approach such as Oscars."
Per Möller Jensen
The Haunted, Invocator
"First of all, he's a bliss to work with. He understands us, listens to us, works WITH us and lets us know when he thinks something does not work or fit. He's very talented at mixing, he gives our music a great, tight and heavy bottom end together with a lot of space and atmosphere. We have a lot of ingredients in our music and he really manages to blend it all in, he does an amazing job!Oscar is making his way to the top and we've been lucky to find him while he still has time and his services are underpriced. Rare find!"
Meadows End